Claude Holmes has been the President of Watt Roofing for over 25 years, taking over after Temple Watt retired in 1986. Prior to that he was involved with the company first as an employee, then as a director. His interest and knowledge of the contracting trades came early, as his father was 1/2 of Holmes-Burnell Contracting - a top contracting firm working on the great homes and estates in Toronto.

Claude’s many years of experience allow him to know what types of roofing systems work, especially in the changing temperature zone of the Greater Toronto Area.

Watt Roofing works with homeowners, as well as with Toronto’s highest rated contractors.

Each skilled tradesman working on your roof brings their own set of skills to the job site. From specializing in copper installation, to slate and cedar, they are experienced and knowledgable.

Watt Roofing carries full liability insurance, as well as WSIB coverage for its employees.